Wanting/Needing a Massage

I'm back!

I have truckloads of posts I need to write and pictures that I need to upload, but hey. Allow me to tell you one thing that almost made me move to Bangkok: Thai massage.

It is a dry (meaning, no oil, no balms, no nothing) massage that involves a lot of pushing and pulling and putting pressure on certain points. It is oftentimes painful and will cease to be only when you surrender to the helpless sensation of letting your Thai masseuse who speaks no English knead your muscles into supple perfection. 

I found it extremely satisfying (and I say it with a masochistic laugh). It left me dead to the world and utterly refreshed. I almost forgot about my (numerous) problems, and my never-ending To-Do List.

This Thai Massage makes me want to go back to Bangkok immediately.

P.S. The Doctor is vaIN is having a contest for Manila and NCR Philippine residents! She's giving away a Terra Spa gift certificate for a massage! Hop on over to http://www.vanityclinic.com/2009/11/18/contest-win-a-spa-treatment-worth-p1700/ and check it out. Hmmm...I wish I would get lucky. I think Bangkok has started in me a flurry of massage craving. Note to friends and donors: I want...no, I need, a massage gift certificate for Christmas.


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