A Hot Pink Find and a Small Haul

I've been so stressed out lately that I never thought this day would come. By this day, I meant being able to actually buy a digicam. I've had one before, but I lost it (though not my fault; it uncannily disappeared from my bag; Shame you, you thief!)

I've been brooding for so long, but today, I had the courage to move on to this...

pic taken from getprice.com.au

Don't you think it's pretty?

It's much more sexy in person, and I cannot wait to have more fun with it. I'm especially pumped up because I am going to use it in Bangkok! I'm flying there tomorrow for a workshop, but I'll be sure to 1. shop; 2. get a fish massage; 3. check out the nightlife; and 4. eat to my heart's delight.


Because my sleeping pattern has been interrupted by this very stressful week, I broke out like crazy. It came in the form of small rashes, pimple-like in appearance, but rash-like in size. It may be the new moisturizer I've been using, which I stopped using, because I will not risk finding out that IT is the culprit. With that said, I switched to my good old:

I also bought two masks from The Face Shop: Strawberry Yoghurt Pack and the Vita B Mask Sheet:

If I finish packing early, I think I'm going to try one, and squeeze in a review before I leave early tomorrow morning.

Can't wait to post Bangkok pics!


Crystal said...

o yan wala ka nang excuse na hindi magblog ha? hehe. i'll be waiting :D hugs!

Kat said...

Hehe, sabi ko na talaga magcocomment ka eh. hehehe, pero sis, mahirap din pala noh? lalo na yung maglink-link at magtake ng pictures. mas na-appreciate ko kayong lahat na beauty bloggers! Thanks for dropping by! Uyyy, sali tayo sa lumiere prebuy ni sis lelila!

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