Visit: Marriott Resort & Spa

I was quite fortunate to have stayed at the famous Marriott Resort & Spa while I was in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a lush complex of buildings located at the other side of Chao Phraya River, accessible both via land and by river taxi.

We arrived in the afternoon and was immediately greeted by a very friendly Thai bellboy who welcomed us back, even if it was our first time there. That was what struck me the most about Bangkok; it's people are very friendly without being obstrusive.

The room is bigger than some of the hotel rooms I've stayed in, and the facilities were okay. The bar food was expensive as expected, and the view we had was not as fantastic as we had hoped (think rooftops).

The poolside was amazing, although I never had the chance to take a dip.

And the food? The food was to die for.

My friend actually gained 7kilos (KILOS, ladies, KILOS) from the 5 days we spent eating at their buffet. Breakfast was an assortment of sausages, pastries, a cheese spread, a cereal station, a cured meats section and lots more.

Lunch was more intricate with a salad section, a japanese section, a soup station, roast meats, indian/halal food, and the ever glorious dessert station.

Needless to say, I was dead full every, single day. I was such a glutton that I know that I definitely have to purge when I get back. (I promise you more food pics next; just need to figure out how to go about this water marking business. any ideas?)


The Marriott Ferry travels back and forth the hotel and the city. It carries passengers from 6am till midnight. The pier is just right below a BTS station, which makes going around the city much more easier. However, if you are going with a group of 3 people of more, and it is not rush hour, go get a cab. Taxis in Bangkok are much cheaper; drivers are friendly, too! Don't forget to bring a printed copy/map of where you want to go, in THAI.


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